Where and what to eat in Paris

Have you ever been on vacation and every single meal you had eaten was a slam dunk? Well, that is exactly what happened after my recent trip to Paris. I’ve only traveled to Paris twice and both times the cuisine has totally knocked my socks off.

The French take their food very seriously and I admire that about them because frankly, I do too! We were in Paris for 3 days to sightsee but most importantly we came to Paris with the intention to eat really well.

My Google maps app was filled with a hefty amount of places to eat in Paris and as always grew upon our arrival to discover new places from the locals.

The goal was to hang out on patios, eat as many croissants and cheese as I could, and drink cheap wine.

Can you imagine 4-6 euros for a glass of wine?? It’s the real deal here!

Let this post be a guide to help you transform your American (or insert country of residency) palate into a Parisian one 😉

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Hands down this is the best breakfast in Paris

When in Paris make sure you order a french croissant for breakfast or a snack even.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

First things first. Wander into any boulangerie (which means bakery in french) and inhale the most glorious of smells. Freshly baked bread. Simple, heavenly and the perfect start to your morning in Paris.  

A French croissant is the only thing you need to be eating to experience an authentic Parisian breakfast. Fuel yourself with one or maybe 2 freshly baked goods and get on with your day. Shhh, I did.

Some favorites include a chocolate or almond croissant however you can’t go wrong with a plain old butter croissant.

You want coffee in Paris?

The cutest little cafe in Paris is Ibrik, the coffee is strong and the decor is top notch.

If your a coffee connoisseur travelling in Paris you’ll be slightly disappointed to discover the French don’t take their coffee as seriously as their food.

And that’s totally okay because they can’t have it all. 😉 Most French cafes serve coffee but it’s not the best quality. If you’re looking for gourmet or specialty coffee where coffee is the sole focus you need to seek it out.

The best coffee bar in Paris we found was this adorable spot in the 9th arrondissement called Ibrik. We met the owner and praised her beautiful shop and craft, we then proceeded to gossip about how the French desperately need to up their coffee game.

I was thrilled we shared the same opinion, you know, with her being French and all. 😉

The interior is charming, a boho vibe and my favorite image was the giant painting of the evil eye. Her motto here is “weird coffee for weird people.” A calling I can definitely get behind

Ibrik serves lunch and has ample seating located on the second floor. We didn’t get a chance to eat but just browsing through her Instagram page makes me want to come back and chow down.

A cute french cafe situated in the 10th arrondissement.

The second runner up I sought out was in the 10th arrondissement called Cafe Craft. Paris like any big city has many crowded areas but it’s the small streets and neighborhoods located away from the hustle and bustle where all the little gems can be found.

You’ll find unique shops, cafes, street art and coffee shops in the 10th and the best part is the River Seine that runs through this arrondissement.

IBRIK |  43 Rue Laffitte, 75009 Paris, France

CRAFT |  24 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, France

Where to have the best lunch in Paris

Check out this cafe de Paris in the 10th district next to the River Seine.

There are many great places to eat in Paris and Chez Prune is no exception. One of our most memorable lunches was experienced on the patio of Chez Prune located in the 10th arrondissement. Imagine yourself seated outside, feeling the summer breeze against your skin while sipping on cheap & delicious wine. I know! What could be better than that?

You’re also set in the perfect scenario for people watching, one of my favorite things to do.

Did I mention how stylish the Parisians are, the men and women both put Americans to shame!

Want to know how your in the right place? The menu is small, written in French and you don’t hear a lick of English. I get all kinds of giddy.  This gives me a chance to practice the language and embarrass the shit out of myself.  I really, really love these kind of experiences! 

I can understand this may be an overwhelming approach for some especially if you have allergies or don’t eat certain foods but for me I don’t mind the extra step it takes to translate because, “ya’ll I’m in Paris and I have time to kill.”  

I ordered the grilled fish & veggies, couscous, creamy cheese and warm baked bread. Hub’s ordered the steak and potato dish which was so scrumptious!

Chez Prune |  36 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris, France

Rio del Vin is a fabulous Paris cafe with delicious food and drink.

For a typical french lunch head over to Rio del Vin in the 3rd arrondissement. Have a seat on the patio because that’s what you do in Paris and order a glass of wine pronto!

Are you catching onto my fascination with patios in Paris yet? 

 Hubs ordered the tomato and burrata salad and a plate of lightly fried sardines with more yummy bread.

The picture is butter in the middle of his plate, not cheese! You smoother that on the toasted bread and top with fish and down the shoot it goes. So tasty.

I ordered the best charcuterie board I’ve ever eaten and I mean that. I’m a sucker for pate and french cheese.  

I couldn’t pick just one place for the best lunch in Paris because both of these places were outstanding!

Rio del Vin |  26 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris, France

A casual dinner in Paris

To find the best bistros in Paris you won't need to look far. They are on every corner.

“Can I get a FRROOZEE!!”

We nestled ourselves on the……PATIO of a french bistro and immediately ordered a froze which basically put me over the edge. I have never had one until Paris and Paris set the bar very high for a quality froze. Holy smokes.

We started off with a plate of pate and crab dip, for dinner we split mouth watering buttery, garlic escargot and a caprese salad. Everything was beyond stellar.

Can’t you envision this as one of the romantic restaurants in Paris?

My friends this is what my Parisian dreams are made of. Good food and drink, surrounded by the most romantic language while cozied up with my lover on a patio. It sounds cliche but it’s really not, it’s so French and so fabulous.   

Cafe Etienne Marcel | 64 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris, France

An upscale, fancy dinner in Paris

I recently met the 2 fabulous ladies behind An Authentic Food Quest at a Travel Massive meetup in Chicago. One of them happens to be French and she recommended we check out L’epi Dupin for an upscale dinner and she did not disappoint. 

Run here! Run as fast as you possibly can, or just make a reservation at least 1-2 months in advance because this place books up quickly.

The presentation, flavors of the dishes and the service was exquisite. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now.

L'epi Dupin is one of the top restaurants in Paris!

Easily one of the best restaurants in Paris France.

Please enjoy as many french desserts while in France.

L’Epi Dupin | 11 Rue Dupin, 75006 Paris, France

I hope you are able to visit some of the best restaurants in Paris on your next trip to France.  It pays off to talk to the locals and do your research on travel blogs to find out where the best places are.

Of course I am a strong advocate to make time and wander away from the touristy areas, you will certainly run into something fabulous and wonderful, no doubt about it.

Bon Appetit!


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