My Essential Travel Skincare Routine for Great Skin that Glows

Don’t you hate when your skin becomes so out of whack when you travel? Yeah, me too! I’m super excited to share with you my essential travel skincare routine and products that I can’t live without when I’m away.  Maintaining my skincare routine when I travel is imperative because I notice a big difference when I neglect it. Let’s jump right in.

First things first. STAY HYDRATED.

My go to face wash is the Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk It’s creamy and perfect for the sensitive skin type! The lavender scent is very subtle and not overpowering. I can’t tolerate strong scented products so this fits the bill.

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My skin tends to be on the sensitive/normal to dry side and this Rosewater Mist is a godsend for me. I have been using this product for a few years and I have to travel with it, once you invest in a bottle I’m sure you won’t be able to live without it.  It’s great for hydration and keeping my skin feeling fresh especially during a long flight.

I keep this in a small spritzer bottle (4 ounces) so I am able to carry it on with me and use during the flight. A fairly new product that I am using and absolutely adore is the Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner. It smells amazing and feels wonderful on my face.

Spf in my moisturizer is a must. Don’t skip this step. I have two that I use interchangeably. The consistency of the cucumber moisturizer by Coola is light and really easy to apply. I absolutely love it. The other one I use has a thicker consistency and is a little on the pricier side so I use sparingly.

I love a good serum and the one I am currently over the moon about is the 100% pure Japanese camellia oil. I normally use this serum as part of my nighttime routine but sometimes I use it in the am underneath my moisturizer, it just depends on how how many extra steps I’m willing to do on that particular morning.

This oil gives me that beautiful glowing look without having to apply makeup so I’m game.

The Chidoriya Face Cream is MY star product. It is the holy grail of moisturizers in my world. The first time I used the product I wasn’t so sure it would be great since its super thick. The trick is to heat it up by rubbing a small amount in your hands to loosen it then apply it to your face.

The best results I have with it is when I use it right after an exfoliation treatment. It’s a great product to use especially when winter hits.  I’ve been using this product since last winter and I’ve found it really is the best product for clearing up dry skin.

It’s also the perfect travel sized moisture product so its easy to throw in your carry on.

Don’t forget the eye cream. I love to use the coffee bean caffeine eye cream in the morning and at night I use this one!. It only takes 5 extra minutes in the morning and maybe 10 minutes at night to give your skin the tlc it deserves!

I can’t live without these shea moisture wipes. They don’t dry out my skin like most face wipes do! If i’m out then good ole coconut oil will do just fine.

Finally for the body I absolutely am obsessed with the Juara Kartini Body Oil It reminds me of the Banana Boat tanning oil I used to slather on myself when I was a teen. I’ve come a long way.

Do you have any skincare tricks or products that you can’t live without when you travel? If so I’d love to hear about them!

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