The best soul food in Chicago- Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Living in Chicago has its perks. One of those perks happen to be an abundance of stellar restaurants.

Enter to Luella’s Southern Kitchen situated in the adorable neighborhood of Lincoln Square. Chicago is known as a city of neighborhoods and this one is full of charm. Wander down Lincoln avenue into some of their local art, coffee and clothing shops.

Now that you’ve geared up an appetite from walking around, get excited to indulge in some of the best soul food in Chicago! Find the best soul food in Chicago at Luella's Southern Kitchen in Lincoln Square.

Is your mouth watering yet?

The best soul food in Chicago

This place is no frills, order at the counter, seat yourself kind of establishment. They are also BYOB! I’ll advise you to come hungry with a bottle of bubbly and preferably wearing loose fitting clothing.

Call me crazy but we came in for a Thanksgiving day brunch.  I know, I know most normal people gear up for their big Thanksgiving Day meal by starving themselves all day long.

Not us.

We decided to take a different approach this year and man we are so happy we did.


Look no further for the best brunch in Chicago!

This is our go to restaurant when we want to show off to our ‘out of towner guests’ that we know how to brunch in Chicago!

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I’m a savory kind of gal. Always have been, always will be.  I ordered the creamiest cajun shrimp and grits,  topped with bacon bits. So creamy, so flavorful. so delicious.

My husband ordered the banana foster waffles and they were divine.

I’ve also been back a few more times and have ordered the biscuits and gravy.  This dish has won me over 1000 times,  biscuits and gravy, the epitome of comfort food and a childhood favorite of mine on Sunday mornings!

Okay, you win Chef Darnell. Your biscuits and gravy are so much better than my mom’s.

Keep scrolling for more mouthwatering photos.

You guys, the vibes here are so good!

The art displayed on the walls are vibrant and full of energy. Looking at them makes me want to jump right into the frame and bust a move.

You can probably imagine the music selection is right on point too. Funk. Soul. Jazz. It’s Perfection.

Chef has put his heart and soul into this restaurant. Every detail reflects black southern culture beautifully.

After our incredible brunch there was no doubt in my mind that we needed to come back in for dinner and soon.

We kept hearing superb reviews about their famous award winning short rib mac and cheese and I just knew I had to taste the fried chicken as well.

The best fried chicken in Chicago

First we ordered the world’s BEST fried chicken in Chicago (trust me guys, it’s the perfect amount of crunch, right amount of grease and full of flavor). If you’re lucky they still have some of their spicy Nashville hot sauce to go with your fried chicken dinner.  Ask for it.  You’re guaranteed to get the hot sauce at brunch.  This chicken is the bees knees!

We also ordered the short rib mac and cheese and don’t think for a second we forgot about ordering cornbread.

Holy mother of God it was scrumptious. ALL OF IT.

I imagine heaven to be a place where there is no shortage of Luella’s Short Rib Mac and Cheese. Drool worthy.

I know I used best a lot in this post and for very good reasons because it simply is THE BEST!

Thankfully you don’t have to look far for the great southern food in Chicago.  If you’re lucky it may even be within walking distance. Actually it’s pretty dangerous.

You can easily get to Luella’s via public transportation if driving is unavailable.  It’s about a 5 minute walk from the Brown line Western stop.

If you check it out, tell me what you think!

 What are some of your favorite Southern restaurants in Chicago? Share with me below!

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