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If you’re looking for the best bath house in Chicago rest assured you have found it.

I wanted to treat my mom to a relaxing mother daughter date while she was visiting me. If your mom is anything like mine she constantly gives and rarely gives back to herself. 

The idea of spending a few hours at a luxurious Chicago bath house seemed like the perfect way to take the edge off. 

A friend of mine was recently telling me about this new ancient roman bathing center he was planning on taking his wife to celebrate their anniversary. He was SO excited about this place and had not even been yet.

Naturally I turned to Instagram and reviews on yelp to find out if this place was really all he was cracking it up to be.

That very same night I booked our bath spa experience.

AIRE is easily the most beautiful bath house in Chicago, located in the River West neighborhood.

captured by AIRE

The best bath house in Chicago: AIRE Ancient Baths

Aire Chicago is located in the River West neighborhood tucked in an alleyway, near the entrance is a tufted red leather couch and really neat sign to pose by for obvious reasons, Instagram.

The lobby is very cozy. Dim lighting, fruit infused water and comfy couches you can sink into while you sign your waiver forms.

After you get signed in and changed into your swimming suit you’ll get a tour and an overview by a staff member about how your experience will happen. 

The bath house is coed, bathing suits are required, and phones are strictly prohibited!

As soon as you leave the locker room you’re instantly transported into the most beautiful urban oasis.  A restored building that was a former paint factory dating back to 1902 showcases its exposed brick and wood beams.  The facility houses thermal baths, massages, steam rooms, an indoor/outdoor pool and a salt floatarium.  

They even offer a wine bath! I don’t know about you but I prefer to drink my wine. We decided to keep it simple with bath time and a 60 minute massage.

Thermal Spa Experience

Our first stop was the salt floatarium, this pool has the density of the Dead Sea so float your worries away.

AIRE Chicago has a lovely salt pool that has the density of the dead sea. It's the perfect place to soak!

captured by AIRE

I love urban living. It has its benefits but it also has its downfalls.  Noise seems to be the biggest frustration I have right now but I’m comforted knowing places like Aire exist.

If you’re searching for a mini retreat away from city life (especially if you can’t get out of the city) this is the place to be. Catch up on some serious self love time that you’ve been neglecting.

I’m guilty of constantly doing and not enough doing nothing. We are constantly inputting so much information into ourselves it can be a quite a challenge to turn that off. 

AIRE Ancient Baths are beautifully lit by candles throughout and offers an experience of soaking in ancient greek and roman bath houses.

captured by AIRE

That is why I’m working on being  mindful and finding enough “me time.”  These me moments don’t have to take up a lot of time. I’m talking about using your spare 10 minutes to daydream instead of scrolling through social media, taking a walk to breathe in the fresh air, or just closing my eyes for a few moments and taking some deep breaths OR booking a day at the spa.

Whatever it may be, do it with intention. 

Carve out the time for yourself on a consistent basis. Your body and your mind will thank you.

On your next visit to the windy city indulge in one of our many amazing spas. Chicago is now home to an ancient greek and roman bath house called AIRE.

captured by AIRE

I thoroughly enjoyed the indoor/outdoor pool with the waterfall. We soaked in there for quite some time just gazing up at the sky and listening to the sound of water flowing. It was so peaceful.  

Another highlight was the steam bath with the scent of eucalyptus and a cold pool. Great to shock the body after a piping hot bath. Challenging for the first 30 seconds then you get used to it.

My mom’s favorite pool was the giant hot tub with the the super jets and the salt tower area for exfoliation. She went in there at least 3 times. 

Amp up your skincare routine at the salt exfoliation station inside of AIRE.

captured by AIRE

The Couples Massage

My massage was good but it wasn’t anything I’d run back to book again. My masseuse forgot to massage my arms and didn’t touch my feet. Kinda weird. 

My mom on the other hand really loved her massage so I was happy to hear that. I believe her words were, “that was the best massage I’ve ever had.” As for me, I probably would skip the massage and just stick to the baths on my next visit.  

Even though the massage wasn’t a real winner it doesn’t override my overall experience at Aire baths which was nothing short of amazing. I will certainly be back and regularly I hope.

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