About Me

A few important things you should know about me. I’m an Indian cuisine fanatic. I have a deep love for antiques and interior design. I love to cook and read nonfiction books. I’m a skincare nut. I enjoy practicing yoga, going to museums and hanging out at home with my fur babies. Crazy dog moms do exist. 

Traveling through the state park valley of fire in Nevada. Get our of Vegas and explore an amazing natural wonder.


I’m working as freelance virtual assistant based in Chicago, Illinois. Currently my husband and I are living life to the fullest with our two fur babies that are the light of our lives. Luna the spunky Bernese Mountain dog and Patty our loyal English Bulldog.


The name of the blog comes from a well known characteristic of myself which is my curiosity. I’ll tell you little story about my first “cultural curiosity” experience. I grew up in rural Missouri and you can imagine what that looks like, very conservative and very white. My first memorable encounter with culture was way back in 9th grade when I became great friends with a foreign exchange student from Montenegro named Anja. I was quickly captivated by her unique beauty, accent, and foreign culture.  She smoked hookah, performed Turkish coffee readings for me and introduced me to music I had never heard before. It was all so fascinating to my 14 year old self.

The cliffs of Moher in Ireland are breathtaking and well worth the drive from Dublin. Be sure not to miss this beautiful part of the country.

After graduation I packed my bags to a place I imagined roared with culture and diversity, and hopefully many more hookah smoking people like Anja. I’m talking about New York City baby. I made friends from Iceland, Canada, Nigeria, and England. Sadly it was a move that was short lived, only six months.

Too much too soon for an 18 year old country girl. It was tough being away from my old friends and family. So back to Missouri I went. Two years quickly came and gone. I still felt like my life was lacking something so I booked myself a vacation to figure it out and quickly decided a relocation to Chicago was just what I needed. Chicago reminded me of a mini New York. A city full of excitement, culture,  fantastic restaurants and close to home. That’s a win-win!